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What is the minimum/maximum deck size?

The minimum and maximum deck sizes typically depend on the game's rules. However, a common range for deck sizes is 40 to 60 cards, with some variations based on the game's mechanics.

Are there any restrictions on card types or factions in a deck?

Games may impose restrictions on card types, such as limiting the number of copies of certain powerful cards, or requiring a balanced mix of card types (e.g., units, spells). Faction restrictions may also apply, requiring players to build decks using cards from specific factions or alliances.

How many copies of each card can be included in a deck?

Games usually have rules governing the number of copies of each card that can be included in a deck. Common restrictions include a maximum of 3 or 4 copies of any given card, with exceptions for unique or legendary cards.

What are the different card types (e.g., units, spells) and their roles in a deck?

Card types can vary widely between games but may include units (characters, creatures), spells (instant, sorcery), artifacts, and enchantments. Each card type serves a distinct purpose in a deck, whether it's controlling the board, generating resources, or dealing damage to opponents.

How do you evaluate card synergies when building a deck?

Card synergies refer to the interactions between cards that enhance each other's effectiveness. When evaluating card synergies, consider how cards complement each other in terms of mechanics, abilities, or themes. Look for combinations that amplify your deck's strengths or mitigate its weaknesses.

Are there specific combos or synergistic card combinations players should consider?

Yes, some cards may have powerful synergies when played together, leading to game-winning combos. These combos could involve chaining specific card abilities, exploiting game mechanics, or leveraging unique interactions between cards.