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The combo goes like this: When your opponent SS a monster, activate

Demise of the Land

to activate

Summon Breaker

straight from the Deck. With

Summon Breaker

on the field, your opponent is now limited to only 3 summons per turn. Even better if your opponent has performed 3 summons this turn and is performing the fourth summon, or is performing his/her third summon (either way, it has to be a Special Summon so it triggers

Demise of the Land

), then this combo will make him/her go straight to End Phase immediately, without being able to summon more for that turn. This combo does not just cripple decks that relies on Swarming (read: most Meta decks), but also gives a heavy disadvantage to decks that relies on Xyz Summon, as a single Xyz Summon requires at least 3 summons (the 2 materials + the Xyz monster itself). And if they want to Xyz Summon one Xyz monster that takes 3 materials or more, they'll have to do so over 2 turns, which gives you enough time to destroy their monsters to prevent that from happening. As long as

Summon Breaker

is on the field, Xyz Swarm decks are pretty much almost dead.

Terminal World

is added to prevent your opponent from Swarming on Main Phase 2, as

Summon Breaker

only limit the amount of summons on Main Phase 1.Edit combo

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