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Deck Tech: Marincess - The Blue Wave!

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Learn how to play with Marincess, the most consistent and versatile Cyberse deck, made up of female monsters of the Cyberse type and Water attribute.

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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About Marincess

Marincess is an archetype formed by female monsters of the Cyberse type and Water attribute. Additionally, they are also based on sea phenomena and/or creatures. This deck's exclusive mechanic is based around equipping link monsters from your graveyard as equipment spells on one of your "Marincess" monsters which is in your extra monster zone so that they get extra atk and/or effects.

The archetype is considered by many a "counterpart" to Salamangreat and, just like that deck, is quite consistent. So far, it has shown it is a stronger deck as well. Though it has never been a consolidated deck in the metagame, Marincess is quite the competent rogue deck and has managed to get some top cuts throughout 2023, including in the current format. Besides that, the deck is also quite cheap when compared to the other decks in the competitive scene, which makes it an excellent option for beginner or budget players.


Check out how Marincess works!


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Main Deck

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Marincess Blue Tang, Marincess Sea Horse and Marincess Springirl, besides being your starters, are the "1 card combos" in your deck. While "Blue Tang" is your best normal summon, "Sea Horse" and "Springirl" are excellent extenders in case you have more than 1 card to build your plays.

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Marincess Pascalus is another normal summon in the archetype, but it isn't as good as "Blue Tang", as it isn't one of the "1 card combos". However, if you have a hand with "Pascalus" + another "Marincess", the ceiling of your plays will be higher. Besides that, it is an important card for the grind game, due to its effect of recycling your archetype's spells/traps cards in your graveyard.

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Marincess Mandarin and Marincess Sleepy Maiden are your deck's least versatile extenders, and that's why they're used in less quantities. Besides that, "Sleepy Maiden" is quite important for when you need to equip one of your link monsters and don't have access to your field spell.

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Cynet Mining is a "R.O.TA" for Cyberse monsters, which can add both your starters and extenders to your hand. Though there are builds which no longer use it, I think this is an essential card to keep the deck's consistency at its peak.

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Marincess Battle Ocean is, just like other field spells in Cyberse decks, the card responsible for its unique mechanic; in this case, the capability of equipping link monsters in your graveyard onto a "Marincess" in your extra monster zone, besides providing additional atk points to your monsters.

Marincess Dive is a very versatile extender, as, besides being a "reborn" card, it can summon your "Marincess" straight from the deck if you have Marincess Battle Ocean on board.

Marincess Wave is the archetype's main interaction, and, though it is a simple monster negate, it has the bonus point of being able to be used from your hand. After resolving its effect, it provides protection to the monsters you control, making them unaffected by your opponent's card effects.

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As tech cards, I opted for the most generic handtraps, such as "Ash Blossom" and the other monster negates. Besides that, to complete the 15 slots, I opted to use Droll & Lock Bird, which is being used thoroughly by players currently.

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To complete the techs, I added Gozen Match to the deck, not only because it is a good card against Kashtira, which has monsters of various attributes, but also as it is a card that matches really well one of your extra deck monsters, allowing you to apply a clock on most various decks you might face.


Extra Deck

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Marincess Blue Slug and Marincess Sea Angel are the main cards responsible for the 1 card combos and for the deck's consistency. Both are quite important both in your initial combo and in the grind game.

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Marincess Coral Anemone is another extremely important card in the deck, both in the initial combo and in the next turns. Besides that, it is an essential card to recycle your "Marincess" cards.

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Marincess Coral Triangle is the one responsible for adding the main interaction in your deck's archetype to your hand; Marincess Wave. It also guarantees your follow-up with its graveyard effect, in case your opponent removes all your monsters from the board.

Marincess Marbled Rock is another card that can recycle one of your "Marincess" cards, but its main role in the deck is during the battle phase, both for attack and for defense. Besides having a protection effect against attacks declared by the opponent, "Marbled Rock" is your highest atk monster, and can finish matches.

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Now we reach your link-4 monsters, and both can be considered the archetype's boss monsters. Marincess Great Bubble Reef doesn't have an interaction effect, but it can draw cards, working as a type of Decode Talker Heatsoul, with the additional effect of being able to recycle your banished monsters, without paying health points.

As for Marincess Aqua Argonaut, it can interact in your opponent's turn, negating the effect of one of their spells/traps. Besides that, it can return an opponent's card to their hand during your turn.

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Despite not being part of the archetype, Worldsea Dragon Zealantis is as important as your link-4 monsters. Its effect of banishing all other monsters on board and then Special Summoning as many monsters as possible perfectly combos with "Marincess", which restrict you to only summon Water type monsters, this way clearing the opponent's board.

As for Eria the WAter Charmer, Gentle, it is a less used card, but important in certain situations, such as, for instance, after taking a Nibiru, the Primal Being, or when you need to scale to higher links and have scarce resources on board.

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Bahamut Shark has only one role in the deck: summoning Toadally Awesome through its effect. "Toadally", in turn, guarantees you additional protection due to its omni negate effect.

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Number 4: Stealth Kragen has the continuous effect of changing the attributes of all monsters on the field, including the opponent's, to Water. This way, when used alongside Gozen Match, you can block the summons of any other deck in the game (except other decks based on Water monsters). Besides that, to help you keep board control, "Stealth Kragen" can destroy a Water type monster on your opponent's board.


Marincess' Goal

The Marincess' objective is to have the link-4 monster, Marincess Aqua Argonaut, on your final board, and also your field spell, Marincess Battle Ocean, to equip 3 of your link monsters onto your boss monster. In case you can't add "Battle Ocean" to your hand to use it in your initial turn, it is ideal to finish the turn with Marincess Great Bubble Reef, which will be able to draw 1 card during your opponent's turn.

Besides that, in hands with enough extenders, you can have access to one of your xyz, Toadally Awesome or Number 4: Stealth Kragen, to strengthen your board. It is ideal to have "Toadally" on board when you don't know which deck you'll be facing, but, in hands with access to Gozen Match, the best option is still "Stealth Kragen".

Main Combo

I'll leave below the main combo if you open with Marincess Blue Tang + Marincess Sea Horse:

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> Firstly, normal-summon Marincess Blue Tang and activate its effect to send your Marincess Blue Tang to your graveyard;

> Next, use Marincess Blue Tang as material for the Marincess Blue Slug summon;

> Organize the chain in the following way: chain link 1 Marincess Blue Tang (to add Marincess Springirl from your graveyard to your hand) and chain link 2 Marincess Blue Tang (to dig 3 cards from the top of your deck);

As this last effect of the Marincess Blue Tang is random, I'll follow up with the explanation of the combo as if no "Marincess" card was activated.

> Now, special-summon Marincess Sea Horse from your hand to the zone your Marincess Blue Slug points to, and use it as material to summon Marincess Sea Angel. Activate its effect to add your field spell, Marincess Battle Ocean from your deck to your hand;

> Use Marincess Blue Slug and Marincess Sea Angel as material to summon Marincess Coral Anemone;

> Activate the effect of Marincess Coral Anemone to special summon Marincess Blue Tang from your graveyard, and afterward activate Marincess Battle Ocean; Marincess Blue Tang

> Now, use Marincess Coral Anemone and Marincess Blue Tang as material to summon Marincess Coral Triangle;

> Organize the chain in the following way: chain link 1 Marincess Coral Anemone (to add Marincess Sea Angel from your graveyard to your hand) and chain link 2 Marincess Battle Ocean (to equip your 3 link monsters in your graveyard onto Marincess Coral Anemone);

> After the chain resolves, activate Marincess Coral Triangle's effect discarding Marincess Sea Angel and add Marincess Wave from your deck to your hand;

> Now, activate Marincess Springirl's effect (banishing Marincess Blue Tang from your graveyard) for it to summon itself from your hand and, next, use it alongside Marincess Coral Triangle as material for the Marincess Aqua Argonaut summon;

> Organize the chain in the following way: chain link 1 Marincess Battle Ocean (to equip Marincess Blue Slug, Marincess Sea Angel and Marincess Coral Anemone from your graveyard onto Marincess Aqua Argonaut on your board), and chain link 2 Marincess Springirl (to send your top card in your deck to the graveyard).


This way, your board will end up like this:

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Main Matchups in the Format

Marincess' final board, though simple, is quite safe due to Marincess Wave's additional protection. Besides that, Marincess Aqua Argonaut's interaction is quite good for the current format, which, besides having many decks which depend on spells to play, (such as Kashtira, Purrely, and Runick variants) counts on the presence of a trap deck which is well above average (Labrynth).

Like so, playing first, your main obstacle is if your opponent opens up with high-impact techs, such as Dimension Shifter, Nibiru, the Primal Being or Kaijus, which are extremely efficient against Marincess.

As for when you play second, Marincess is quite a fragile deck, and because of that, is quite dependent on its tech cards, which isn't as problematic, as the deck has space to use a high number of staples.

Final Words

So, what did you think of the deck? I hope you've enjoyed getting to know more about it, and that you have fun with it.

You're welcome to give your opinion here in the comment section. Cards Realm thanks you for your support!