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Structure Deck Review: The Crimson King

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In today's article, I'll analyze the Structure Deck: The Crimson King. Besides that, I'll give you a decklist example using only the content of this product.

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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In September 21st 2023, we'll have the release of the Structure Deck: The Crimson King, the newest Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG structure deck.

Structure Deck: The Crimson King
Structure Deck: The Crimson King

Structure decks are pre-built decks based on an archetype, monster type, or Yu-Gi-Oh! character, and, this time, the theme chosen was based on Jack Atlas, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime, and his Red Dragon Archfiend deck.


Check out below everything you need to know about this new Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG product!

Complete List of Cards

Soul Resonator;

Vision Resonator;

Bone Archfiend;

Dark Resonator;

Creation Resonator;

Synkron Resonator;

Red Resonator;

Crimson Resonator;

Vice Dragon;

Battle Fader;

Red Sprinter;

Red Warg;

Wandering King Wildwind;

Phantom King Hydride;

Magical King Moonstar;

Absolute King Back Jack;

Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode;

Assault Beast;


Fire Ant Ascator;

Ascator, Dawnwalker;

Danger! Nessie!;

Danger! Chupacabra!;

Witch of the Black Forest;

Absolute Powerforce;

Crimson Gaia;

Resonator Engine;

Resonator Call;

Resonator Command;

Burning Soul;

Pot of Extravagance;

Fiendish Golem;

Red Zone;

King's Synchro;

Red Reign;

Time to Stand Up;

Fiendish Chain;

Powerful Rebirth;

Assault Mode Activate;

Terrors of the Overroot;

Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend;

Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss;

Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Bane;

Red Supernova Dragon;

Red Dragon Archfiend;

Red Nova Dragon;

Hot Red Dragon Archfiend King Calamity;

Red Rising Dragon;

Scar-red Dragon Archfiend;

Everyone's King (non-playable card).

Budget Decklist

Each box only has one copy of each card listed above, so, to build a deck, you need to have 3 boxes to then have 3 copies of each card necessary to make your strategy work properly.

When you have all 3 boxes in hand, the next step is to define your build, with a main deck with 40 to 60 cards and an extra deck of up to 15 cards. You can use the leftover cards in another deck or exchange them with other players.

I'll leave below a decklist using only the contents of the Strucutre Deck: The Crimson King:

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About the Deck

Red Dragon Archfiend isn't a competitive deck, but it has its value, and can provide good duels for fans of this theme. The deck has an aggressive game style and can place powerful Synchro monsters on board, with Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss as the main defensive interaction.

Besides that, this list counts with the controversial Hot Red Dragon Archfiend King Calamity in its arsenal to tip the scales in your favor in duels!

Combo Example

I'll explain below the combo if you open with Soul Resonator and 1 other card to discard:

> Firstly, normal-summon Soul Resonator and activate its effect to add Bone Archfiend from your deck to your hand;

> Activate Bone Archfiend's effect to summon it from your hand discarding 1 card, and, next, activate its effect on board to target this same card and send Crimson Resonator from your deck to the graveyard, reducing its level to 3;

> Use Soul Resonator and Bone Archfiend as Synchro material to summon Red Rising Dragon and use its effect to summon Crimson Resonator from your graveyard;

> Activate Crimson Resonator's effect to summon Vision Resonator and Synkron Resonator through special-summon from your deck;


> Use Red Rising Dragon and Vision Resonator as Synchro material to summon Scar-red Dragon Archfiend and activate Vision Resonator's effect from the graveyard to add Crimson Gaia from your deck to your hand;

> Activate Crimson Gaia and use its effect to add Red Zone from your deck to your hand;

> Use Scar-red Dragon Archfiend and Synkron Resonator as Synchro material to summon Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss;

> Organize the chain in the following manner: chain link 1 Synkron Resonator (to add Vision Resonator from your graveyard to your hand) and chain link 2 Scar-red Dragon Archfiend (to summon a Red Dragon Archfiend from your extra deck);

> Now, summon Vision Resonator from your hand through its own effect, and use it with Red Dragon Archfiend as Synchro material to summon Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Bane;

> Activate Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Bane's effect to tribute Crimson Resonator on your board and summon Scar-red Dragon Archfiend from your graveyard;

> To finish, play Red Zone in your spell/trap zone and end your turn.

This way, your board will end up like this:

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Final Words

What did you think of the Structure Deck: The Crimson King? Are you going to invest in it? Leave your comment down below.

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