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Structure Deck Review: Fire Kings

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In today's article, I'll analyze the newest Structure Deck: Fire Kings. Besides this, I'll give you an example of a decklist using only the contents of 3 of these decks.

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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On December 7th, 2023, the newest Structure Deck, Fire Kings, will be released. It is an updated version of an old Structure Deck, Onslaught of the Fire Kings (2013). This new product brings support cards that are quite interesting and promise to bring "Fire Kings" to the current Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG format.

Structure Deck: Fire Kings.
Structure Deck: Fire Kings.

This Structure Deck, Fire Kings, is based on the "Fire King" archetype, built with Fire type attribute monsters, and Beast, Beast-Warrior and Winged Beast type monsters. Besides this, their names and design reference creatures and deities from several iconic mythologies.


Check out below everything about this new Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG product.

Complete List of Cards

Sacred Fire King Garunix;

Fire King High Avatar Kirin;

Fire King Avatar Rangbali;

Fire King Avatar Garunix;

Fire King Avatar Barong;

Fire King Avatar Yaksha;

Fire King Avatar Kirin;

Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos;

Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks;

Coach Captain Bearman;

Coach Soldier Wolfbark;

True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher;

Infernal Flame Emperor;

Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju;

The Blazing Mars;

Bonfire Colossus;

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys;

Royal Firestorm Guards;

Spirit of Flames;

Fencing Fire Ferret;

Firebrand Hymnist;

Alpha, the Master of Beasts;

Droll & Lock Bird;

Fire King Sanctuary;

Fire King Sky Burn;

Onslaught of the Fire Kings;

Circle of the Fire Kings;


Fire Formation - Tenki;

Dark Hole;


Herald of the Abyss;

Echelon of the Fire Kings;

Flamvell Counter;

Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai;

Chain Destruction;

Torrential Tribute;

Solemn Judgment;

Infinite Impermanence;

Powersink Stone;

Coach King Giantrainer;

Diamond Dire Wolf;

Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze;

Garunix Eternity, Hyang of the Fire Kings;

Legendary Fire King Ponix;

Fire King High Avatar Garunix;

Fire King Avatar Arvata;

Fire King Island.

Main Staples in the Fire Kings Structure Deck

Besides having all the necessary cards to use the "Fire King" deck, this Structure Deck: Fire Kings stands out as it offers reprints of several Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG staples. These cards can also be used in practically any other deck.

The main staples in this deck are the handtraps, Droll & Lock Bird and Infinite Impermanence, which, besides being popular in the current format, are the most frequently used handtraps in Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG's metagame post-format.

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Budget Decklist

Considering every box of the Structure Deck: Fire Kings has only 1 copy of each card listed above, you need to get 3 boxes of this product to build a functional list, as you'll need 3 copies of the most important cards in your strategy.

After you choose the cards you'll add to your main deck (40 to 60 cards) and your extra deck (up to 15), keep the other cards, because you'll be able to use them in other decks or use them to trade cards with other players.

I'll leave below a decklist using only the content available in this Structure Deck: Fire Kings:

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About This Deck

Fire King is a deck that has a lot of competitive potential, and, even though its budget version isn't strong enough to consolidate this deck in the meta, it is enough to compete in local tournaments.

Your strategy is centered around destroying your own monsters to create advantages, and your main way to interact is through summoning Garunix Eternity, Hyang of the Fire Kings to destroy all other monsters on board during your opponent's turn. Besides this, you can also count with the negates in Fire King Avatar Arvata and Fire King Avatar Rangbali to control the came.


Combo Example

I'll leave below the standard combo if you open with Legendary Fire King Ponix:

> First, normal-summon Legendary Fire King Ponix and activate its effect to add Fire King Sanctuary from your deck to your hand;

> Next, activate Fire King Sanctuary and use its effect to activate your field spell, Fire King Island, straight from the deck;

> Now, activate Fire King Island's effect to destroy Legendary Fire King Ponix and add Sacred Fire King Garunix from your deck to your hand;

> By doing this, you'll be able to summon it through its own effect, and, after summoning it, you'll be able to activate its second effect to destroy Fire King Avatar Barong in your deck.

Like so, your board will end up like this:

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During your opponent's standby phase, activate the effects from the "Fire Kings" you destroyed on your turn by returning Legendary Fire King Ponix from your graveyard to your hand, and adding Fire King High Avatar Kirin from your deck to your hand through Fire King Avatar Barong's effect.

From here on out, you should let your opponent play, and, as soon as you can, during the main phase, activate Fire King High Avatar Kirin's effect so it can summon itself from your hand, destroying Legendary Fire King Ponix.

Like so, when your opponent special-summons something, you can activate the effect of the continuous spell, Fire King Sanctuary, which will allow you to summon your boss monster, Garunix Eternity, Hyang of the Fire Kings, which will destroy all other monsters on board!

Like so, completing your interactions, we have:

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Final Words

What did you think of the Structure Deck: Fire Kings? Will you buy it? Tell us in the comment section.

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