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Alternative Formats in Yu-Gi-Oh: Time Wizard, Common Charity, Deck Master & More

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In this article, you will learn about the alternative formats of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Time Wizard, Heart of the Underdog, Common Charity, Deck Master and Rivalry of Warlords!

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Although they are not very popular in some regions, there are some alternative formats in Yu-Gi-Oh, and its objective is mainly to offer new modalities so that the public of OTS (Official Tournament Stores, that is, official stores) has more forms and opportunities to enjoy the game.

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Alternate format events must be run in exactly the same way as weekly local tournaments. Duelists pay the entry fee, receive a regular pack or OTS pack, and are then entered into the tournament.


Check below all about the alternative formats of the Yu-Gi-Oh!

Alternative Yu-Gi-Oh! Formats

Time Wizard

The Time Wizard format is a modality where the OTS sanctions events in a retro format. The organization of this tournament will focus on the rules and mechanics of the TCG according to a predetermined period. The only requirement needed when organizing this tournament is the applicability of the Forbidden & Limited List and the latest product from that particular season.

For example, if Team Wizard is based on the 2005 National Championship, the tournament would use the April 2005 Forbidden & Limited List, and the last set allowed would be Dark Beginnings 2.

Historical formats like Goat Format and Edison Format fit into this modality.

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Heart of the Underdog

For Heart of the Underdog format events, the OTS stipulates the types of decks duelists will be able to use in the event. Usually, decks present in the meta of the moment are banned from tournaments that follow this format.

Thus, duelists will compete with less popular decks in competitive events, allowing for a more casual tournament where participants will be able to enjoy new and interesting interactions between cards.

This format is the official variant of the good old “for fun”.

Common Charity

Common Charity format events require players to build a deck using only common cards. This applies to all decks (Main, Extra, and Side). Since common cards are often quite cheap, this is the most accessible format for Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Also, Common Charity is very similar to Caste Party from the old Pegasus Challenge, but it is restricted to common cards only, rather than allowing players to select the rarity of their deck.

Deck Master

The Deck Master format is based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime events in which Noah Kaiba takes Yugi and his friends to a virtual dueling world, where players can select a monster as the “deck master” to help them in a variety of ways.

This format works under the following rules:

- The deck master starts the duel outside the deck;

- Any monster effects are applied as if it were face-up on the field;

- Duelists can Normal Summon the deck's master, ignoring the Summoning requirements, any time they could Normal Summon a monster;

- No Tributes are required for high-level monsters, and no materials are required for Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Link monsters.

Rivalry of Warlords

In the Rivalry of Warlords format, duelists use decks built by the OTS itself, with the cards it already has in stock. To duel, each participant would receive a random deck on loan and would have 10 minutes to read a guide with tips on how to use the theme properly.

The format is nothing more than a fun way to introduce duelists to topics they are not familiar with. Also, it's a very interesting format for players who are just starting out in the card game and want to duel, but who may not have their own deck.

What's more, in addition to promoting a relaxed and casual format, it's a way to increase duelists' interest in purchasing cards from the deck they played with.



But so, which of the alternative formats is your favorite? Tell us here in the comments.

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