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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Explaining the Runick Engine!

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Understand how the Runick Engine works and how it can help you win games!

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Runick Guide

Welcome, player, to the best Adventure-FPS game inside the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe, where the Runick archetype stands out for it's mill strategy and utility, providing the ability to draw up to three cards per turn, banish the opponent's resources, and execute various effects!

Why Choose Runick?

Because in addition to giving card advantage, the Runick Extra Deck monsters complement various strategies exceptionally well! And that's not all! Milling your opponent's deck is also a very gratifying experience.


What are the Runicks?

Divided into four groups, we will start with the most important: the Quick-Play Spells.

Quick-Play Spells

These are the essence of the deck, each Runick Quick-Play Spell features two effects: one to summon a Fusion from the Extra Deck and another exclusive effect. Therefore, let's focus on the second effect of each one.

Additionally, all of these share the "secret side effect" of making us skip the Battle Phase, which is not a problem since we don't intend to attack anyway.

Runick Flashing Fire

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This card destroys a target special summoned monster and banishes two cards from the top of your opponent's deck. Although it targets, it is widely used due to its synergy with the deck and the utility of monster destruction. It is recommended to use three copies.

Runick Destruction

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Destroys a target Spell/Trap your opponent controls and then banishes four cards from the top of their deck. Extremely effective against Continuous Spells or Traps and Field Spells. Try to save it for these targets. Use 3 copies.

Runick Freezing Curses

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Negates the effect of a target monster and banishes three cards from the top of your opponent's deck. Basically a version of Effect Veiler with the additional advantage of milling. Use 3 copies.

Runick Dispelling

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When your opponent adds a card to their hand (except during the Draw Phase), you can make them discard a random card and banish two from the top of their deck. Its unique effect may not be used much, but depending on the matchup and luck, it can decide the match. Use up to 2 copies.

Runick Tip

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This is the best Quick-Play Spell of the archetype, it searches for any Runick (except itself) and banishes one from the top of the deck. Versatile, it fills the graveyard and still banishes an extra card. Always include 3 copies in your deck.

Runick Slumber

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Protects a monster from being destroyed by effect or battle until the end of the turn, and banishes 3 cards from the top of the opponent's deck. A great defensive tool that protects our monsters while advancing our mill strategy. Use 3 copies.

Runick Golden Droplet

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The most aggressive option to deplete the opponent's deck, banishing four cards from the top of their deck and forcing them to draw one card, effectively advancing our plan by five cards. It can be risky giving an extra card to the opponent, but also triggers the first effect of Runick Dispelling, forcing them to discard. Use with caution.

Runick Smiting Storm

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This is theoretically our true most aggressive option, banishing one card from the top of the deck for each card your opponent controls. As it is a bit situational and depends on the board your opponent has, in addition to not offering additional utilities, it is not highly recommended. Use only if you need to increase your Runick count.


Field and Continuous Spells

Runick Fountain

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This card is fundamental to the deck. It allows you to play your Quick-Play Spells from hand during the opponent's turn, eliminating the need to set them up beforehand! Additionally, once per turn, when you activate a Runick Quick-Play Spell, you can target up to three cards of the same type in your graveyard, shuffle them back into the deck, and draw the same number of cards, allowing up to 3 draws in a single turn!

Runick Fountain provides interaction and card advantage. Always include the maximum number of copies possible and protect it at all costs.

Runick Allure

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Honestly, we considered not including this in the list, as its utility is extremely limited. All it does is slightly accelerating our game plan, generally not worth the deck space. If absolutely necessary, include one copy.

The Fusions

Runick Fusions have various effects of their own, but they can also be easily used to make Synchros or XYZ, as they are summoned by Quick-Play Spells.

Hugin The Runick Wings

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Hugin allows you to discard a card from your hand to search for Runick Fountain, effectively turning each Quick-Play Spell into a tutor for your fountain. Additionally, Hugin protects your cards from being destroyed, substituting the effect to banish her instead, keeping your backrow safe. It is recommended to include at least 2 copies.

Munin The Runick Wings

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The less useful cousin of Hugin. He searches for Runick Allure if included in the deck. Besides that, he can protect one of your Runick cards from targeted removal and banish himself in the process.

In general, he is not as useful as Hugin, but it is worth mentioning that he can save your fountain from being banished, unlike Hugin who only works with destruction. Include up to 2 copies.

Geri The Runick Fangs

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His effect allows you to recover Runick Fountain or Runick Allure from the graveyard, offering a bit of recursion. Additionally, if he is destroyed by battle, he can remove a target from the field, which can sometimes be useful.

Freki The Runick Fangs

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Although he seems useful for banishing cards, he ends up not being used as much, as it requires us to attack with him, and we skip our battle phase, or that our opponent attacks him.

Additionally, if he is destroyed, his effect to recover a Quick-Play from the graveyard activates, which also has limited utility, as it is often better to simply shuffle it back with the fountain.

Sleipnir The Runick Mane

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Sleipnir is removal in a moment of need, unlike all other fusions, this one is good both offensively and defensively, banishing an opponent's face-up monster (during their main phase or combat) until the end phase.

He also has another secret effect of creating a level 4 token if the opponent adds a card to hand. Additionally, being level 9, Sleipnir makes it much easier to make level 10 Synchros for some archetypes. Use 1 to 2.



Finally, we would like to offer a simple "pure" Runick decklist. But remember, the archetype works very well supporting others like: Naturia, Earthbound, Generaider, and Spright.

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In conclusion, the Runick archetype stands out for its unique experience and power. With its milling ability, utility, and synergy with various strategies, the Runicks become the favorite choice of many players.

And you, what do you think of the Runicks? In which deck do you believe the engine fits best? We would love to know!