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Quiz: What Yu-Gi-Oh! deck suits you best?

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Are you an Aggro/Beatdown, Combo, Control or Mid-Range player? Find out in this quiz which archetype you best!

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Are you new to Yu-Gi-Oh! and not sure which deck to build? Or are you an old player, but not sure what kind of player you are?

I've prepared some questions to help you find out what kind of deck you prefer to use in a duel and, thus, find out who you are at Yu-Gi-Oh!

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What matters more when you choose your deck?

Its capacity to control the game by responding to the opponent's cards.Correct symbol

Its consistency and space for tech cardsCorrect symbol

Its capacity of building an unbreakable field.Correct symbol

Its odds of breaking well-established fields.Correct symbol

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Your opponent won the dice and chose to go first! How do you feel about it?

Terrible! It's gonna delay my plans!Correct symbol

Great! My deck was built to go second anyway!Correct symbol

It's not ideal, but if my opponent's field is weak, I can just run over them.Correct symbol

I am good, but only if I have 2 or more Hand Traps.Correct symbol

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Which one of these "Pots" is your favorite?

Pot of Desires.Correct symbol

Pot of Prosperity.Correct symbol

Pot of Extravagance.Correct symbol

None, I'd use them accordingly to my deck's synergy.Correct symbol

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Which one of these cards scares you the most?

Called by the Grave.Correct symbol

Lightning Storm.Correct symbol

Dark Ruler No MoreCorrect symbol

Magic Cylinder.Correct symbol

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Would you rather have fast duels, or do you prefer longer games?

I like to win fast, so I'm going to build the strongest field in the game so my opponent doesn't have a chance to win.Correct symbol

I try to grind them, but I'll be aggressive the first chance I get.Correct symbol

I like to play as fast as I can while attacking with my monsters.Correct symbol

A good duel is a long duel with plenty of well-thought plays.Correct symbol

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Which of these phrases is closest to what you would say ?

“From now on, I'll play alone”.Correct symbol

“I've got an answer to anything you play”.Correct symbol

“Here's the combo”.Correct symbol

“I won”.Correct symbol

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The best defense in Yu-Gi-Oh! is....

Floodgates & Counter Traps.Correct symbol

Generic Negates.Correct symbol

Handtraps.Correct symbol

Attacking.Correct symbol