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Quiz: Which type of Yu-Gi-Oh! Player are you?

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This quiz was made to help you understand which type of Yu-Gi-Oh! player are you! Answer the questions below and find out.

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In Magic: The Gathering, there are many player "archetypes", which are useful to classify each player's profile and place them in categories which indicate their preferences regarding the card game, such as, for instance, their favorite types of cards, and even what motivates them to keep playing.

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It isn't different in Yu-Gi-Oh!, as there are many types of players, with unique tastes and goals. However, there aren't pre-defined models to classify them. For that reason, I decided to adapt this Magic concept to Yu-Gi-Oh! by creating this quiz which will allow you to figure out which player profile best suits you!


How do you build your decklists?

I pick a cool archetype and create a list with fun combos.Correct symbol

I netdeck the best lists online, as it is only worth it to play with meta decks.Correct symbol

I observe the best lists on the internet, but only to prepare myself to face them. I like using creativity to build a deck which can counter the meta.Correct symbol

I prefer using lists based on archetypes or characters from the anime, and I always value nostalgia when building decks.Correct symbol

Do you usually participate in Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments?

Of course! The more tournaments, the more victories in my record.Correct symbol

Sometimes. I prefer playing in old-school tournaments, where I can compete using classic decks.Correct symbol

Rarely. I have more fun when I play casually with friends.Correct symbol

Yes! I'm always looking for ways to surprise my enemies with my new strategies.Correct symbol

When you're playing Yu-Gi-Oh! casually with your friends, what is your goal?

To win! Even if there's nothing on the line, I always want to win.Correct symbol

I prefer to discuss and organize my cards, and also look at my friends' collections to get cool cards to complete my collection.Correct symbol

Test out the potential of my new build when dealing with the different decks my friends play.Correct symbol

I try to fit new combos in my deck to make it more fun.Correct symbol

What would make you excited to play in a big Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament, such as a National event or an YCS?

Participating in side events where there are mini tournaments in alternative formats.Correct symbol

Getting to know new players and having fun during the matches.Correct symbol

Playing the tournament and competing at a high level.Correct symbol

Testing out my skills against good players, but I would take advantage of the situation to acquire as much experience as possible.Correct symbol

Which of the cards below do you think it's the most interesting card?

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Red-Eyes Dark Dragon.Correct symbol

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Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.Correct symbol

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Blue-Eyes White Dragon.Correct symbol

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Baronne de Fleur.Correct symbol

In your opinion, what is the most fun part of Yu-Gi-Oh!?

Elaborating unique strategies to overcome the main trends in the format.Correct symbol

Using the best strategies available in the game and win against opponents.Correct symbol

Summoning my boss monster to win the duel with style.Correct symbol

Discussing the TV shows and the lore of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, besides reminiscing about the good times.Correct symbol

On a brand-new released Yu-Gi-Oh! card, what is the first thing you note?

The art, the references behind the card, the archetype and the lore.Correct symbol

I check if this card can fit in any of my decks, to make my combos stronger.Correct symbol

Its effect and what the big names in the Yu-Gi-Oh! community are saying about it.Correct symbol

I analyze the effect and imagine which decks could use it competitively.Correct symbol

What would be your dormitory in the Duel Academy?

Obelisk Blue. I am highly knowledgeable about the rules, and I'm always studying the metagame to be the best duelist always.Correct symbol

Slifer Red. I really like Yu-Gi-Oh!, but I focus more on having fun with duels than learning all rules to the tee.Correct symbol

None. Being a Duel Academy staff member is more my style.Correct symbol

Ra Yellow. I dedicate myself to learning all rules and main interactions in the format, but I still don't see myself among the best duelists.Correct symbol

Do you invest heavily in a deck?

No. Yu-Gi-Oh! is just a hobby for me and I need to prioritize other areas.Correct symbol

Yes. I'm always willing to invest heavily and have the best deck possible.Correct symbol

Sometimes. I always try to use budget cards, but once in a while I gift myself with higher-cost cards.Correct symbol

Yes. But only if the deck is very nostalgic.Correct symbol