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Guide to Getting Started in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

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Learn how to invest your resources in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, create your first deck and start in front of your opponents!

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translated by Pedro Fernandes

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revised by Tabata Marques

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The newest game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise was released last Wednesday (19): Master Duel is available for PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Key. To get a good start in the game and your first deck, you should follow some tips and know where to invest your resources.

Game Modes

Master Duel has arrived with two game modes available, let's talk about each one.


Duels are PvP matches, where we can play Free Duels and Ranked Duels.

In Ranked you earn points (for Duel Pass) and rank up, you will always receive Gems upon reaching a new rank.


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The Solo mode works like a campaign mode, where the player ventures into PvE matches (Single Player), advancing their progress and unlocking new stories. We also find tutorials in the middle of these campaigns, which show all the mechanics of Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Both tutorials and Solo matches will provide you with rewards such as Gems, Cards and more.

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Like most card games, Master Duel also has a rarity system. In the game you can find cards of these rarities:

- Common (N);

- Rare (R);

- Super Rare (SR);

- Ultra Rare (UR).

How to get resources?


Gems are like a gold, used to buy packs or offers. You can acquire them through Duel Pass, Solo mode and Missions. So play Solo Mode a lot, it's your biggest source of Gems.


CPs are equivalent to Arcane Dust from Hearthstone, and are used to generate specific cards in-game. You can earn them in the Duel Pass by dismantling Cards and completing some Missions.

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Where to invest your Gems?

Now that you've earned a lot of Gems, you should know where to invest them for your first deck.

Duel Pass:

The Duel Pass is your priority, the Master Duel offers the golden Duel Pass for only 600 Gems, and you can unlock it without putting real money into the game. The golden pass will give you the same 600 Gems (returning the amount invested), plus 100 CPUR and more rewards!

The Duel Pass has a duration of 75 days, you will finish it easily. To level up in the pass, you must play Ranked Duels or Event Duels to earn points: 50 to 100 points for playing a duel (important: you will not earn points if you surrender), 120 points if you win.

From grade 1 to 30, the points required to grade up vary between 50 and 90 points, and from grade 31, exact 100 points will be required.

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Bundle Deal:

Here you will receive your first cards; try to buy the Bundle Deal. There are currently three bundles, and each one of them cost 750 Gems, providing 10 Master Packs and 1 UR card (referring to the bundle).

It is recommended to buy all three, as only 10 boosters cost 1,000 Gems. You save 250 for each bundle (750 savings if you buy all three) and you still get an extra UR (3 URs if buy the three bundles).

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Did you see that got some keys while opening your Master Packs These keys are Secret Packs that you unlocked, invest the rest of your gems in these packs.

Look for some deck you want to build and see if you have the Secret Pack of that archetype, then you can buy them. If you don't have, just use CP to generate a SR or UR card of this archetype, so you will release your Secret Booster for 24 hours.


Which Deck to create?

After a few days of the game, some decks have already been discovered and are being used by most players.

Today the main decks are:


Sky Striker;

Virtual World;



For those unfamiliar with the Yu-Gi-Oh, I recommend the Eldlich and Tri-Brigade decks, they are easy to play decks!

That's it for today! Are you playing Master Duel? What are you thinking of the game? Write your opinion here in the comments. Hugs!