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Learn how to play one of the most unusual decks of the YCS Lima championship, which mixes the Spright and Adventure Token engines!

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About Spright Adventure

Spright Adventure is a deck that mixes two archetypes that don't seem to have that much synergy, but at the end of the day, grants a good experience, so good that it took two decks to the YCS Lima finals.

The Adventure Token engine has the objective of putting an omni negate on the field, before you even start your Spright plan, which guarantees an additional protection. The Spright engine, focused on the interaction with level/class/link 2 monsters, is very versatile and keeps reinventing itself with each format, despite the several banlists.


Spright Adventure didn't come about now, in fact, since Spright's release this mixture has existed, but only now the deck has performed well enough to have a great competitive relevance.

The reason for this doesn't seem to be the discovery of an incredible list approach, as it relied on an odd mix, to say the least, between cards to play first and cards to play second in its main deck, as well as using some cards in very unusual quantities.

At first, I would say it was a stroke of luck where the turn of the meta made it possible for the deck to perform well, plus the player's personal ability to defeat their opponents. However, there is also the possibility of the deck being confirmed as one of the best for the format, but only time and the next results will tell us!


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Main Deck

Spright Cards

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Spright Blue is the monster seeker of the archetype and also its main extender.

It is essential in the deck because it can "start" your combos when Special Summoned, and if you summon it during the opponent's turn, it grants you a follow-up for the next turn.

Spright Jet is the spell/trap seeker of the archetype, and is also a crucial extender. Through its effect, you can reach cards that allow you a variety of interactions, such as continuing your combo, banishing or "stealing" cards from your opponent, and also granting your follow-up.

Spright Red is the archetype's monster negate and its easiest way to defend against a possible Nibiru, the Primal Being, and it can also deal with several other monsters when they activate their effects.

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Spright Carrot is the spell/trap negate of the archetype and is strong against decks that rely on this type of card to build their plays. In addition, it is very important for dealing with opponent's board breakers.

Spright Starter is literally the main starter and also the only 1 card combo of the archetype. It can also be used during the opponent's turn to bring one more interaction to the field.

Spright Smashers is the archetype's only out to remove floodgates, which are usually very damaging to Spright decks. In addition, it can also be used against difficult to deal with monsters.

Spright Double Cross is an excellent trap and this is due to its versatility, besides allowing different forms of defense, it is also a way to generate follow-ups. Plus, in this deck, you can recycle Toadally Awesome or summon Testudo erat Numen or Dupe Frog to disrupt your opponent.

Nimble & Frog Cards

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Nimble Beaver is its only value normal summon and is another "1 card combo" in the deck. In addition, it is critical in the grind game, since it can summon other "Nimble" from the graveyard.

Nimble Angler is another key piece in the deck and is here to be sent to the graveyard and summon 2 "Beaver" directly from your deck, either through a discard from the Adventure Token engine, or through the effect of Spright Sprind.


Swap Frog is here as a "target" of your Gigantic Spright's effect to summon Toadally Awesome. In addition, you can send Testudo erat Numen or Dupe Frog to the graveyard, as you choose.

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Dupe Frog must be special summoned straight from the deck through the effect of Toadally Awesome, and thus be one more monster to hinder your opponent.

Testudo erat Numen is the main target of Swap Frog's effect. After it is sent to the graveyard, it will be summoned by Spright Double Cross during the next turn to disrupt the opponent's Special Summons.

Adventure Token Cards

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Wandering Gryphon Rider is an omni negate, and its summoning is the major goal of the entire Adventure Token engine.

Water Enchantress of the Temple is the archetype seeker and allows you to add Rite of Aramesir from your deck or graveyard to your hand.

Rite of Aramesir is the main card of the archetype, since it is responsible for summoning Adventurer Token and also for playing Fateful Adventure straight from your deck. Thus, this is the card that makes the engine work.

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Fateful Adventure is also vital in the deck and can fetch any "Adventure Token" monster, usually its Wandering Gryphon Rider. In addition, it is also the fetcher of your equipment magic.

Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon is here to be added by Fateful Adventure and then be used as a discard by your other effect if you don't have a better discard. In addition, it is an interaction when it is equipped with the Adventure Token.

Staples & Tech cards

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Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring is a fixture in almost every deck, because of how generic and how good it is against a wide variety of decks.

Foolish Burial is here mainly to send Water Enchantress of the Temple, so you can start your Adventure Token plays. However, if you already have this engine "on", you can send Nimble Angler or Testudo erat Numen.

Triple Tactics Talent is present in the deck because of its versatility whether you play first or second, and it also has strong effects.

Triple Tactics Thrust is even more versatile than the previous TTT, since it can fetch its own, plus several other cards from the deck, such as Rite of Aramesir, Foolish Burial, Spright Double Cross, Infinite Impermanence and Evenly Matched.

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Infinite Impermanence is another card present in most decks, and again because of its versatility, since besides being a handtrap it can be used as a kind of board breaker.

Evenly Matched is one of the best board breakers of the format, and few decks can play around it, so despite being considered a "hard to go in second" card, some decks are daring to use it in the main list.


Extra Deck

Spright Monsters

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Spright Sprind can be understood as an extra deck starter, since it is here to send Nimble Angler to the graveyard and generate you a numerical advantage of monsters on the field. In addition, it can also act as an interaction if you keep it on the field.

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Gigantic Spright is largely responsible for keeping Spright alive even after the hits it suffered on the banlists. It is an incredible consistency card not only for the archetype but also for any level 2 monster in the game. Also, after its effect resolves, you no longer have to worry about Nibiru, the Primal Being, since he can no longer be summoned.

Other Monsters

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Reprodocus was a big surprise in the list and is here to allow summoning Toadally Awesome, since the deck only runs 1 copy of Swap Frog. Thus, you can declare the type "Aqua" to turn any level 2 it is targeting into a valid material.

Dharc the Dark Charmer, Gloomy allows you to "steal" a Dark monster from your opponent's graveyard, which can be quite relevant depending on the deck you are facing. Also, if destroyed, it grants you a follow-up.

Knightmare Phoenix is a utility card that is here to help you deal with your opponent's spells/traps.

Knightmare Cerberus is more of a generic Link 2 and is here mainly because it is an out for Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir, plus it can deal with other monsters as well.

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Toadally Awesome is another omni negate from the deck, this time generated through the Spright engine, and can be considered a boss monster because of its importance.

Onibimaru Soul Sweeper can help you deal with monsters with a high attack, moreover, if destroyed, it can return banished monsters to your deck.

Number 29: Mannequin Cat can be used both to start Spright plays and to recycle Spright Red or Spright Carrot. In addition, it is also possible to summon Testudo erat Numen, although this is more difficult to happen because its type and attribute are not as common in other decks.

Number 2: Ninja Shadow Mosquito has good effects in addition to battle phase protection and is used when you intend to use your Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder.

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Downerd Magician's sole function is to increase the number of materials for your Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder.

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Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder is vital in the deck, since its monsters have a low attack, so going for Zeus helps you "reset" your opponent's field, dealing with several monsters at once.

Spright Adventure's Game Plan

Your goal is to start matches with one of the Adventure Token "starters" to do what this engine promises: Put an Adventure Token and Wandering Gryphon Rider (which will be an omni negate) on the field. Or, at the very least, make your opponent spend their handtraps.


The next step is to start Spright plays to get to Toadally Awesome through your Gigantic Spright and also Reprodocus. Depending on how your hand was, you could end up having other interactions on the field, like Spright Red or Spright Carrot, as well as cards like Spright Smashers and Spright Double Cross. And the latter, being able to summon Testudo erat Numen during your opponent's turn.

Whenever you take interactions that don't allow you to complete the Adventure Token combo, you will need to adapt your plan, often using Adventure Token along with a level 2 monster to get to Spright Sprind, since to perform your full combo, you need a combination of 3 cards, being 1 "starter" Adventure Token, 1 "starter/extender" Spright and any other level 2 monster.

Standard Combo

I will leave below the standard combo if you open with Water Enchantress of the Temple, Spright Starter and Nimble Beaver:

>Activate the effect of Water Enchantress of the Temple to add Rite of Aramesir;

>Activate Rite of Aramesir to create an Adventure Token in defense position and put the Fateful Adventure from your deck into your spell zone;

> Normal SUmmon Nimble Beaver, then activate the effect of Fateful Adventure to add Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon's equipment spell from your deck to your hand;

>Activate the other effect of Fateful Adventure and add Wandering Gryphon Rider from your deck to your hand, then send Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon to your graveyard;

>Activate the effect of Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon in your graveyard and equip it to your Adventure Token;

>Activate the effect of Wandering Gryphon Rider to summon itself by special summon in defense mode;

>Activate Spright Starter to special summon Spright Blue, which will activate its effect to add Spright Jet from your deck to your hand;

>Use Nimble Beaver and Spright Blue as link material to summon Spright Sprind and use its effect to send Nimble Angler to the graveyard;

>Activate Nimble Angler's effect in the graveyard and special summon 2 Nimble Beaver from your deck;

Remember to summon one of them just below one of your additional monster zones, you will need a level 2 monster at this location later on!

>Use Spright Sprind and one of Nimble Beaver as XYZ material to summon Gigantic Spright into your additional monster zone;

>Activate the effect of Gigantic Spright to summon Swap Frog from your deck and activate its effect to send Testudo erat Numen from your deck to the graveyard;

> Special Summon Spright Jet, then activate its effect to add Spright Double Cross to your hand;

>Use Gigantic Spright and Spright Jet as link material to summon Reprodocus in the extra monster zone above Nimble Beaver;

>Activate the effect of Reprodocus and change the type of Nimble Beaver to "Aqua", then use it along with Swap Frog as material to summon Toadally Awesome;


Remember to keep the monster zone below Reprodocus clear!

>Play Spright Double Cross and end your turn.

This will be your final field:

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>During your opponent's draw phase, activate Spright Double Cross to summon Testudo erat Numen in the zone where Reprodocus points in defense mode;

>Now, in your opponent's support phase, activate the effect of Toadally Awesome to special summon Dupe Frog in defense mode.

Your field will now look like this:

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Against the Main Decks of the Format

Spright Adventure's full combo makes a very strong field with 2 omni-negates + 1 or 2 floodgates monsters, and even when it is not possible to connect the two engines, each of them can place one of these "boss monsters" independently. This way, playing first, we can deal very well with the main decks like Kashtiralink outside website and Branded Despia. Besides Naturia Runick which is on the rise in the format and performed well at YCS Lima.

An unfavorable matchup would be against decks capable of using many techs, like Mathmech for example, which besides interrupting your combo with handtraps, has a good ability to finish the game through an otk.

Going second, things get a bit harder, however, besides a mix of handtraps and board breakers, you can use the Adventure Token engine to "open the way" to the Spright engine by forcing the opponent's interactions.

Matches against "trap" decks like Labrynth and Traptrix are extremely difficult for most Spright decks, and this is true here as well. Also, any deck that runs floodgates also hinders Spright Adventure's performance quite a bit.


So, what did you think of the deck? I hope you enjoyed learning more about it and have a lot of fun with it.

You are welcome to give us your feedback here in the comments, Cards Realm thanks you for your cooperation!