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Best Staples for Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

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Check out a list of the best staple cards right now to use and play Yu-Gi-Oh! at the highest level.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel has been bringing many newcomers to the scene, and with such a vast inventory of cards, there's a question many of these players ask: "What are the Best Cards to have in my account?"

That's why we've separated a list of the most powerful and useful cards based on several decks that have stood out in competitions and ranked matches.

*The cards are ranked according to their versatility: the first cards are the ones that fit in any deck, being considered mandatory if you want to play at a high level.


What are handtraps?

For those who aren't familiar with the term, "Handtraps" are cards that activate their effect in your hand, just reveal them and their effect is activated.

Best Staples in YGO Master Duel

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

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Ash Blossom is a card that, if activated from your hand, disables any play your opponent would make with deck interaction.

That is, effects such as: Summoning from the deck, adding cards from the deck to the hand or even sending cards from the deck to the graveyard, are immediately negated, which becomes a headache for the current Metagame, as the vast majority of strategies operate based on that.

Maxx "C"

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Maxx "C" is currently banned in the tabletop Yu-Gi-Oh, and that's no wonder: this hand trap gives the activator 1 card draw each time your opponent Special Summons a monster.

Considering that all decks currently use the Special Summon mechanic, having this card in your deck makes your opponent think twice before building up their combo to avoid their own defeat by granting you free draws.

Nibiru, the Primal Being

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This hand trap usually solves your problems against decks that summons plenty of monsters and can get in your way on your turn. Nibiru can only be used when your opponent Special Summons 5 or more monsters on the field, it tributes all of them, and Summons a Token to your opponent's field whose Attack and Defense is the sum of all Tributed monsters.

The card alone solves several problems, as you make your opponent spend resources and leave them with almost no protection on the field.

Infinite Impermanence

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A trap that negates the effects of the opponent's monsters, but in a different way.

What makes it different from other traps is the ability to activate it from your own hand, which makes it extremely strong and important for the Metagame.

Solemn Judgment

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It can be a trap that is apparently not good, as it's cost to activate is relatively high, after all you need to pay 3000 life points to activate it. On the other hand, since it is a Response Trap, it cannot be negated when used.

Called by the Grave

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This one is a bit more specific. You always use it when facing decks that activate effects from monsters from the Graveyard, you target 1 monster from your opponent's Graveyard and banish it, also the opponent cannot activate effects from monsters with the same name for the rest of the turn.

Banish in Yu-Gi-Oh! usually solves the problem once and for all, since the opponent is unlikely to recover the banished card.

Super Polymerization

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A fusion card that differs from the others for 3 reasons: the first is that it is a quick spell, so you can activate it on your opponent's turn.

The second is that you use your opponent's monsters as materials for your own monsters, and the third and not least is that cards cannot be activated in response to this Card's activation.


Droll & Lock Bird

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An essential hand trap. You can discard it and not let your opponent search cards from their deck and add them to your hand.

Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit

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Much like its Ash Blossom counterpart, the Phantom Ogre destroys any face-up card, be it monsters, spells or traps.

Belle Ghost & Haunted Mansion

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The third in a trio of little-girl Handtraps, Belle is very similar to Ash. The difference is that, instead of denying fetching cards from the deck, it denies fetching cards from the graveyard.

Pot of Desires

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Since the Pot of Greed was banned, Konami has released several other cards with effects similar to it, but with their sometimes very high costs.

With that, we have the Pot of Wishes, which you draw two cards and banish 10 cards from the top of your deck. It is good for decks that use multiple copies of the same cards in the deck and wouldn't miss it if one of them was banished.

Pot of Extravagance

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Unlike the already mentioned Pot of Desires, this one banishes cards from your extra deck as a cost to draw the cards, but since many decks don't even use the monsters in the extra deck this won't be a problem for them.

Pot of Avarice

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A card with a simpler effect that many decks often run is the Pot of Avarice. It has a simple but powerful effect: you choose 5 monsters in your Graveyard, shuffle them all into your Deck, and then you draw two cards.

It's an excellent card for decks like Luminous, which puts many monsters into the Graveyard.

Crossout Designator

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This card's effect is quite strong when it hits, as you choose a card from your Deck, banish it, and your opponent cannot activate cards with that same name — that is, you can negate multiple Hand traps your opponent uses, which can be quite useful.

Forbidden Drop

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A quick spell where you discard cards from your hand and/or field, and for each number of cards discarded you choose an effect monster on your opponent's field — it has its effects negated and its attacks halved. Also, your opponent cannot activate cards of the same discarded type (Spell, Trap, or Monsters) in response.


Remember that there are different play styles, just see which support fits your style the most!

Any suggestions, I'm available in the comments!