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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Top 10 Best Staples in Feburary 2023

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In this article, I'll present the 10 staples that are the best for the post-banlist advanced format of the Yu-Gi-Oh! in February 2023.

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With the start of the new format on February 13th, many players are wondering which staples to use. So, I prepared this list with the top 10 staples that, I believe, are the best for this format start.

After the announcement of the YCS Las Vegas decklists, on February 18th and 19th, the first major tournament with the new banlist in effect, we will be able to check which staples were the most played!

Best Yu-Gi-Oh Staples in Feburary 2023

10 - Effect Veiler

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Effect Veiler is simple and effective. In addition to being very generic, it is quite functional against Metagame candidate decks such as Branded Despia, Kashtira, and Spright.

9 - Dimensional Barrier

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On the rise for a long time, Dimensional Barrier remains relevant, since among the main decks, we find strategies focused on Fusion Summoning and Xyz Summoning, for the most part.

8 - Lava Golem

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Lava Golem is the first board breaker on the list, and can easily deal with 2 troublesome monsters on the opponent's field by Tributing them. It's a card that could be further up the list if it didn't prevent the player from performing normal summons the turn it's Special Summoned.

7 - Infinite Impermanence

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Just like Effect Veiler, the Infinite Impermanence does the basics, but does it very well. This card is quite versatile as it can be activated from the hand both on your turn and on your opponent's. Plus, because it's a trap card, you won't be punished by cards like "TTT" when activating it.

6 - Evenly Matched

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Evenly Matched is more of a board breaker and in a format with no negates on the final field, as this seems to be, it finds its moment to shine. At the cost of "losing" your Battle Phase, you leave your opponent with only 1 card on the field.

5 - Triple Tactics Talent

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The infamous “TTT”, known for having 3 forbidden/limited card effects, is extremely versatile and strong. Its relevance in the format is even greater than in the previous one, since it can now be searched for by another card, also present in the list.

4 - Triple Tactics Thrust

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Triple Tactics Thrust is the “new TTT” and is even more dangerous than the old one. This is because this card can fetch its own Triple Tactics Talent, in addition to any other normal spells and traps in the game.

3 - Book of Eclipse

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Book of Eclipse is an old card and started to be used as a tech against Kashtira in the OCG. Now that the archetype has arrived in the TCG, the card has become very popular on online platforms and promises to be the most used board breaker in the format. By turning all the monsters that are on the field face down, you disable Kathira's entire board.

2 - Nibiru, the Primal Being

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It's true that Nibiru, the Primal Being has been down for a while, but after the banlist, new decks can suffer a lot for "Primal Being". With the arrival of new supports, Branded Despia received a new combo, but with it, Despia also became more vulnerable to Nibiru. Also, Kashtira is also a pretty fragile deck for this card, as well as Spright if they don't care about playing around it.

1 - Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

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In addition to being the most generic handtrap in the game, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring is once again the most relevant staple, both for being very versatile and for being good against the main decks of the format, such as Branded Despia and Kashtira, as well as “pairing” well with other handtraps against Spright.


In addition, something that many do not know is that "Ash" can be used to negate the effect of Book of Eclipse, which in addition to placing the opponent's monsters face-down, makes them draw cards for each one of those monsters that is flipped face-up at the end of the turn.


What did you think of the list? Which ones can't be missing from your deck? Answer here in the comments.

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