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YGO Master Duel: Leaked! New March Forbidden and Limited list

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The new March banlist has been leaked! Several archetypes had their cards restricted, such as Runick and Amano-Iwato.

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审核人 Tabata Marques

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The new March Limited and Forbidden list for Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel has been leaked by a credible source earlier today. This Bo1 format for the game will be updated on March 1st, to prepare itself for the rest of the 25th Anniversary celebrations, which include the return of the infamous World Championship.link outside website

Check out below the notable changes:

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> Amano-Iwato (3 -> 1)


> Runick Destruction (3 -> 2)

> Runick Freezing Curses (3 -> 2)

> Runick Slumber (3 -> 2)

> Fusion Destiny (1 -> 2)

No Longer Limited

> Genex Ally Birdman (2 -> 3)

> Thunder Dragonroar (2 -> 3)

> Orcust Harp Horror (2 -> 3)

Further information will be officially published on March 1st.