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Epic Gigantic Blue-Eyes White Dragon Blanket from Yu-Gi-Oh! is released!

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It's a buy 3, get 1 free deal!

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Just this Monday, Konami took to the official Yu-Gi-Oh! Twitter account to announce a very different type of product: An "exclusive fleece throw blanket"!

"When the weather hits you with freeze, it's time to counterattack with this exclusive fleece throw blanket from Yu-Gi-Oh! Settle in for a binge-watch marathon, then get cozier thinking about how to improve your current deck with this warm fleece cover."

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The blanket, which is being sold through the toy store "Toynk"'s online website, is based on the infamous and iconic Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which is a staple figure both in the anime, manga, and every other Yu-Gi-Oh! media, including the games Master Duel, Duel Links, and the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

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Furthermore, everyone who purchases 3 of this incredible, real-life, cozy card will also get another blanket for free. The blanket is double-covered, with one side showing the dragon, and the other showing a card cover, just like a real-life card. The card cover is designed after the original Yu-Gi-Oh! card cover shown in the franchise's main media.

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Overall, fans have received the product well, with most seemingly eager to cover themselves with the famous Dragon character. Others mention the Dark Magician characters as a more popular option in the future, particularly the Dark Magician Girl.

The store also has available other Yu-Gi-Oh! themed products, such as t-shirts, figurines, memorabilia, plushies and socks.

The blanket costs US$34.99 plus shipping, and is available right now in the official Toynk online store.