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Yu-Gi-Oh! Announces Exclusive Millenium Rod Replica From The Anime

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The newest product release from Yu-Gi-Oh! is a faithful replica of the Millenium Rod, a legendary item from Yu-Gi-Oh! canon, available for preorder until October 23rd.

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To complete the full replica set of Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired items, such as the Enemy Controllerlink outside website and the Seto Kaiba briefcaselink outside website, Bandai has now announced the Millenium Rod replica!

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Besides the Rod, the Millenium Puzzle and a replica of Pot of Greed were also released by Bandai earlier this year.

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This replica comes with a few functionalities as well: there are two buttons with exclusive sounds, including a few lines from the anime, inspired by Marik, the character which has the Rod for a good part of the anime, and also one of the anime's theme songs, "WILD DRIVE", which was the theme song for the Battle City arc.

The voice-lines can be said in "normal" Marik voice, or Yami Marik voice, depending on the button you press.

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Image content of the Website

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This collectible item will be available for preorder from now until October 23rd, and the shipping date is aiming for February 2024. The starting price is 11,000 yen, which is about $75.