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Review: Main Reprints from the 25th Annivesary Rarity Collection

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In today's article, I'll analyze the main cards that will be reprinted in the 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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From November 3rd, 2023 onward, the 25th Anniversary Rarity will be legal. This never-seen-before Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG collection was very expected by players, once it will bring the game's 79 most popular cards, each in 7 different rarities:

> Super Rares;

> Ultra Rares;

> Secret Rares;

> Quarter Century Secret Rares (celebrating the 25th Anniversary)

> Platinum Secret Rares (a rarity last seen in the 2015 Mega-Tin)

> New "Prismatic" style Collector's Rares (made with extra shine, it is the same as the Japanese technology in "Collector's Rares" previously only available in Asia);


> *New "Prismatic" style Ultimate Rare (with a 3D, tactile varnish, it is the same as the Japanese techonology in "Ultimate Rares" previously only availabe in Asia).

As it is a reprint collection, the cards released in the 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection won't impact the "global metagame" in Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG's advanced format, but, they will certainly impact the "local metagame" for many players, considering this collection's goal is to reduce the value of the main staples in this card game, which will allow more people to access these cards.

Like so, in this article, I'll analyze what I believe to be the best reprints in the 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection!

Main Cards from the 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection

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Even though this is a very specific board breaker due to its restriction, The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode is a very strong tech card against decks that form a board with at least 3 monsters.

Like so, if your deck isn't dependent on "normal summons", this is an interesting card to get, and after this collection is released, it will be much easier to find it for sale.

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Nibiru, the Primal Being is one of the game's main handtraps. Even when the format isn't favorable to use it in your main deck, it is a good card to use in your side deck to deal with decks that abuse special-summons.

After its latest reprint, this card got a lot cheaper compared to its previous price. However, as time goes on, it is common for prices to rise in certain regions, and like so this new reprint is very welcome to make this card even more accessible.

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Borreload Savage Dragon is an excellent omni-negate option for decks that use link monster and can summon Synchro 8 monsters. Currently, relevant decks like Rescue-Ace and Dragon Link can use it, and, by making it cheaper, numerous players will likely be taking the opportunity to buy it.

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Baronne de Fleur is another generic synchro monster with an omni-negate effect, and it's even more popular than the previous monster. Its last reprint didn't make it as cheap as players would like to, so, hopefully, this reprint will fix that. After all, it has been one of the main cards in the metagame ever since it was released.

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Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star is a card that hasn't appeared in the competitive scene for a few years now, but, with the release of the "Horus" monsters (an archetype that works as an engine to access class 8 xyz monsters) in the Age of Overlordlink outside website set, and the future release of new "Fire King" support cards (in December), this card is an excellent class 8 xyz monster option as it can deal with an opponent's card without targeting it or destroying it. Like so, bringing this card to the market again is very interesting to numerous players.


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Lightning Storm is a very versatile board breaker as it has 2 distinct effects that are capable of dealing with various decks. Even though it isn't one of the most expensive cards nowadays, it has a steep price for players who invest less in the game.

However, I believe this new reprint will make this card cheaper to the point of it becoming accessible even for budget players, without further issues.

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Nadir Servant is a very strong card, but it became less relevant throughout the years because "Invoked", the deck that used it the most, suffered a lot as the game's powercreap increased.

However, it is an interesting reprint, because, even though it is no longer in the metagame, the deck can still perform decently for casual players. Besides that, this collection will be useful to make the "Dogmatika" engine cheaper and more popular, as it also brings reprints of Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous and Dogmatika Punishment.

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Triple Tactics Talent is probably the most versatile card in the game, and it is useful both when you play first and second, because of its arsenal that counts with 3 very strong effects.

In formats or regions in which players use a lot of handtraps, "TTT" is a very interesting weapon to punish opponent's interactions, and you can bet many players are interested in buying it, particularly if it costs less.

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Forbidden Droplet was once one of the main staples in the format, and it was left behind after the arrival of "Tearlaments" and "Spright" to the game, completely disappearing after "Kashtira" came along. However, I think this card shows great potential to return to the metagame in future formats, because it is an excellent card to break boards, besides, of course, also being useful when you play first.

It seems that this is the perfect moment to get it, as this card isn't as popular in the current metagame, so this reprint is well-timed.

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Pot of Prosperity is likely the most expected reprint in this collection, once it is considered by many the best card in the game. Whether it is or not, the truth is that it is a card that can change a deck's power level, because it guarantees incredible consistency for those who can use it.

The greatest question regarding "Prosperity" being worth it or not is whether it will be on the next banlist if its price drops, and I believe many will just risk it and buy it.

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Small World is a generic spell with an extremely versatile consistency, and can even serve as a "budget" version of Pot of Prosperity, because, just like that card, it can help you look for your deck's "1 card combo", if it is a monster.

Even though it isn't an expensive card currently, Small World might be in demand in a few regions, which is something that will change after this collection is released.

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Infinite Impermanence is the second most popular handtrap in the game, because of its versatility; it allows its player to use it as a board breaker as well. It is also one of the few handtraps that isn't punished by cards such as Triple Tactics Talent and Called by the Grave.


Even though it is quite relevant, many players opt to use cards such as Effect Veiler or Ghost Mourner & Moonlit Chill instead as they are cheaper options, and they anxiously wait for this card's price to drop, so they can finally buy it.

Final Words

I believe the 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection is a very interesting collection to buy, and for those who want to meet their budget, it is super worth it to only buy the single copies of the cards you need.

But what about you guys? What did you think of the 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection cards? Did you miss any cards? Which of them will you buy? Comment down below!

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