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Top 5 Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks in 2023

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In this article, I present the five best decks of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG in February/March 2023 format. Check out how the lists work!

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In today's article, I bring an analysis of the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Metagame, which underwent a major change after the release of Photon Hypernova and the new banlist came into effect.

Last weekend, February 18th and 19th, there was the first major Yu-Gi-Oh tournament of the format that started on the 13th, the YCS Las Vegas 3x3, where players competed in teams made up of 3 members.

Check out the top 5 decks of the current format below!

Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks in 2023


The good old Swordsoul, which was already present in the meta and lost strength due to power creep, once again appears as a viable option in the format, and this time, as a budget deck option, since the other decks are way more expensive.


After the start of the new format, Swordsoul proved to be a very solid option for those who want to compete, in addition to having a very cool and innovative mechanic to perform Synchro Summons with a Regulator Token, summoned by the very effect of Swordsoul monsters in the main deck.

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The Spright Elf ban was a pretty heavy hit for the archetype, and most players were curious about which strand of the deck would be more dominant between Spright Frog or Spright Runick.

However, contrary to what was imagined, Spright Live☆Twin was the variant that reached the furthest in this first tournament of the format. Since Spright's engine interacts with level/class/link-2 monsters, it's possible to use it to get to the main deck's Live☆Twin monsters, and later Evil★Twin links-2, which seem to be the main focus of the deck.

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Labrynth is a control deck focused on its interaction with the game's normal traps. The archetype received excellent support in Photon Hypernova, the Big Welcome Labrynth, and the heavy banlist we had was enough to place the deck among the main decks in the format.

Despite this, its representation and performance in the format's first YCS came as a huge surprise.

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Branded Despia

Like Swordsoul, Branded Despia has already been meta and met the power creep, in addition, it received several relevant supports in Photon Hypernova, and it was expected that it would be very well positioned in the format.

The deck is focused on fusion summoning, mainly through Branded Fusion, which is the main card in the deck and, in addition to the new supports, it started using Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon to strengthen its strategy.

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Kashtira is definitely the deck to beat in this format. Focused on summoning Class 7 Xyz Monsters, the deck is completely oppressive, its combo consists of blocking the opponent's field zones, preventing them from using their cards.

Kashtira locks 9 zones! YCS Las Vegas
Kashtira locks 9 zones! YCS Las Vegas

The good news is that the deck is not very resilient to interactions, so if you don't want to lose because all your zones are blocked, it's better to use a deck with many hand traps, or at least board breakers that can be used in case you can't use your field zones, like Lava Golem, for example.

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What do you think of the decks? You are welcome to share your opinion here in the comments.

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