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Yu-Gi-Oh!TCG changes policy to include clauses against transphobia

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A new addition to the Yu-Gi-Oh!TCG policy includes clauses against transphobia and anti-vax stances.

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Policies for competitions, be it them official or grassroot initiatives, must consider the social intricacies of the social group the game operates with, and as the games themselves become more inclusive to minority and oppressed groups, such as, for instance, representing them better in their artwork, character rooster and story, it was just a matter of time until proper policy had to be created to accommodate the needs of these groups as they played TCGs.

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Representation of different groups such as queer, feminine or different race representation in these spaces has long been advocated for and somewhat achieved through the years as more and more women, LGBTQIA+ and different racial groups have started more and more playing games such as MTG, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and many others.

Throughout the years, many different TCG rulings and policies have been changed to keep up with the inclusion of several different minority groups, besides a few updated standards for the 21st century world, and many more. Today, March 6th, the Yu-Gi-Oh!TCG official policy for tournaments and such has just been updated to include Trans Rights and tackle the anti-vax stances that have plagued the world as of late, with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Now, according to the official statement regarding the policy:

"We have added some new examples in the example chart, including intentionally misgendering another person, refusing to wear a mask when instructed to do so, submitting fraudulent vaccination information, behaving inappropriately on camera at a Livestreamed event, and anyone other than an official vendor attending a Sanctioned event for the purpose of buying and/or selling."

Though it seems small, these updated rules give organizers and judges the right to defend Trans rights and proper health standards in any official competition by Konami. We here at Cards Realm hope these standards are held up competitively and casually in every Yu-Gi-Oh!TCG table, and across all other TCGs as well.