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Yu-Gi-Oh!: You can now buy your very own Seto Kaiba exclusive briefcase

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Seto Kaiba fans can now get an exclusive briefcase, identical to the one he uses in the series, besides 58 of his cards, including 3 copies of the infamous Blue-Eyes White Dragon in the Prismatic Secret Rare style, and three cards never released in the TCG before.

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Announced in a showcase video on social media, the Seto Kaiba briefcase is now up for sale for any Yu-Gi-Oh! fans that want to show off some bling.

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The item had already been sold before in Japan, but this is the first time it is sold elsewhere for a wider audience of the famous TCG.

Inside the perfect replica of what the character Seto Kaiba uses in the anime and manga, there are several functionalities and items for anyone who purchases this exclusive merch.


The first feature is a special case for the 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons that come along with this product, in their Prismatic Secret Rare style, "the same as you saw in the Dark Duel Stories Gameboy game". The Dark Duel Stories game, released in 2002, was the last time the TCG announced these iconic cards in the Prismatic Secret Rare style.

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Image content of the Website

Moving on to the top of the briefcase, where the infamous KaibaCorp monogram is splattered across the inside walls, there are two straps that can hold play mats or other bulk items.

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Underneath the Display Case section, there is an area in which you can hold Sleeves, your Deck and all other cards in your collection.

Along with the case and the Blue Eyes White Dragons, anyone who purchases this item will also get a Deck of 58 cards originally used by Kaiba in the original series, including a few extra cards: Magical Trick Mirror, Attack Guidance Armor and Life Shaver, which had never been released in the TCG before.

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The final layer in the briefcase is open for you to place your other cards, and it includes space for dividers, so you can properly organize it and show it off to your opponents, just like Kaiba does.

Though the price hasn't been revealed yet, this product will be a limited print-to-order item, which means there will be as many briefcases made as orders received, so anyone who wants to place an order is guaranteed to have this product. But, it is a limited item, so make sure you can afford this incredible product if you're interested in buying it.

The product released in Japan last year was sold for ¥33,000, which is around $255 at that time.

The orders will be opened later this month, April 2023.

Full List of Cards Included

The full list of cards included in the original Japanese product go as follows:

> "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"

> "Attack Guidance Armor"

> "Life Shaver"

> "Magical Trick Mirror"

> "Hyozanryu"

> "Judge Man"

> "Swordstalker"

> "Steel Ogre Grotto #2"

> "Gyakutenno Megami"

> "Gadget Soldier"

> "Rude Kaiser"

> "Vorse Raider"

> "X-Head Cannon"

> "La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp"

> "Battle Ox"

> "Ryu-Kishin Powered"

> "Mystic Horseman"

> "Grappler"

> "Hitotsu-Me Giant"

> "Ryu-Kishin"

> "Saggi the Dark Clown"

> "Obelisk the Tormentor"

> "Masked Beast Des Gardius"

> "Kaiser Glider"

> "Invitation to a Dark Sleep"

> "Des Feral Imp"

> "Blade Knight"

> "Y-Dragon Head"

> "Z-Metal Tank"

> "Lord of D."

> "The Wicked Worm Beast"

> "Ancient Lamp"

> "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon"

> "XYZ-Dragon Cannon"


> "XY-Dragon Cannon"

> "Rabid Horseman"

> "Monster Reborn"

> "Polymerization"

> "Stop Defense"

> "Mesmeric Control"

> "The Flute of Summoning Dragon"

> "Soul Exchange"

> "Silent Doom"

> "Lullaby of Obedience"

> "Cost Down"

> "Card of Demise"

> "Fiend's Sanctuary"

> "Shrink"

> "Enemy Controller"

> "Megamorph"

> "Dark Energy"

> "Spell Absorption"

> "Crush Card Virus"

> "Gift of The Mystical Elf"

> "Ring of Destruction"

> "Virus Cannon"

> "Interdimensional Matter Transporter"

> "Cloning"

> "Shadow Spell"

> "Final Attack Orders"

> "Negate Attack"